[sl4] Hi-Colour Dialectic Between Neural Nets

From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 06:43:27 MST

Hi Greythumb a-life cultivators and others

I'm sorry to plug your inboxes with this but this is my best video of
a telepathic-critterdrug experiment or run, or series of experiments,
so far. A lot of people have asked what exactly they're looking at --
this is not as extreme a time-lapse as prior recordings, particularly
the last third or so, so you should be able to actually see what's
going on. To make sure, I freeze-framed the racial movie or psychic
screen for much longer than they're used to. (Starts about halfway
through) Er with interesting results. For one thing, they stopped
breeding for a while near the end. Well, see the notes with the video
for caveats and addenda, but what I chiefly expect to see (I haven't
looked yet) is some kind of meme exchange, negotiation, or
socialization. I think those abilities are indigenous to neurons.
Maybe to mycelium. Please try my software

Next video will be at half this speed with the movie in motion so that
it wraps back to the scroll point about once a second (1900fps, movie
is 1024 frames and plays in two directions). So you will see 12 frames
from each playback which is plenty to make out any trends.

Keep in mind this video is still pretty much what critters from
regular Critterding would do with all this. I'd really encourage
anyone to start evolving random animals in telepathic-critterdrug
since these were rewired for it after evolving in the parent app. I
want to see what those would do. Rather than these per se. Well they
can fight. You can see how there's only a little window at the bottom
of the screen their morphogenic fields don't reach (less total
writes). That's because they have a ton of neurons already. They don't
know what it means like ones that grew to that size on the same
substrate would. That's my thing

I'll release the code with some switches and different animation modes
for the screen as well as an option to enforce or evolve each of them
(propagation rules) with energy rewards, which is gonna be awesome.
The scroll when it's moving is so they'll understand which cells are
adjacent but I've thought of a lot of more interesting ways to do that


Good luck


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