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From: Frank Adamek (
Date: Wed Dec 02 2009 - 15:02:10 MST

You are confusing a subjective difference with "reports of a subjective difference". The second is in fact an objective phenomenon, and I'll agree with you that there is no objective difference (assuming the duplication technique is perfect).
What experiences do you expect in the following situations?
1) You are shot and killed instantly
2) All relevant details of your brain are scanned and a perfect copy is then constructed, let's say on a different continent, Antartica. I am using "copy" in the sense that both of you are now equally "copies". The copy on your current continent is then shot and killed instantly.
3) No upload or duplication takes place and you travel to Antartica.
Admittedly there are some people who don't care about future experience, only that which is describable as objective reality. And getting it out of the way: Some people believe in a soul. You don't.
-Frank Adamek

--- On Wed, 12/2/09, John K Clark <> wrote:

A copy of you is made as accurate as Mr. Heisenberg allows and then the
original is instantaneously destroyed. The scientific method cannot
detect any difference. In fact there is no objective difference of any
sort. In fact there are no reports of a subjective difference either.
Nothing has changed objectively, nothing has changed subjectively;
nevertheless you are convinced that a gargantuan change has happened.
You can't explain what this change could possibly be but whatever it is
it is of enormous importance. And you don't like this mysterious
alteration one bit, you dislike it so much you would quite literally be
willing to fight to the death to prevent it.

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