Re: [sl4] Uploading (was : goals of AI)

From: John McNamara (
Date: Wed Dec 02 2009 - 07:33:40 MST

> How is "copy and shoot" different from "instant migration" if the
> shooting involves instantaneously destroying one of the copies before
> it is able to differentiate?

"instant migration" doesn't exist (in my example anyway). I was
implying marketing deception and poorly informed consumers.

are you on the slow migration waiting list at one of our competitors ?
tired of the endless procedures ?
well have we got good news for you!
our boffins have discovered a way to speed the process up by 1
million(*) using our new technowidget that you can only get from us.
what used to take 24 months we can now do in only 60 seconds!
no discomfort, you'll be under anesthetic for the entire procedure!
wake up in a new ultra-long life body TODAY! call now!

we have 1000 year payment and maintenance plans
celebrity body features available on premium plan subject to licenseing
(*) approx

To me the "before it is able to differentiate" concept is not relevant
to my personal philosophical outlook on the matter. I understand
perfectly that others would considered it in an entirely different
light and that's fine for them. I don't see a mathematical approach to
demonstrate , in general, that one is more right that the other.

Best Regards
John McNamara

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