Re: [sl4] Re: goals of AI

From: Matt Paul (
Date: Mon Nov 30 2009 - 14:33:32 MST

On Nov 30, 2009, at 2:01 PM, "John K Clark" <>

> New Physics should only be conjured up as a absolute last resort as
> when
> there is just no alternative, such as when it became obvious that it
> was
> impossible to reconcile Maxwell's equations with observed Black Body
> Radiation; the only way out was the quantum. There is no need to
> invent
> new physics (at least not yet) to explain intelligence, we've made
> excellent progress duplicating it artificially over the last 50 years
> without doing so. And your idea explains nothing it just kicks the
> problem upstairs; the key to everything is mysterious signals from
> another dimension without even an attempt made to explain how those
> signals originated in that other dimension. There is another word for
> all that, the soul. I don't believe in the soul.

So you are asking for an explanation of something that can't yet be
measured or directly observed. Cart before the horse... Do you
honestly think the understanding of something comes before the
observation of it? See, I think you are just trolling or are stupid.
I'll assume trolling.


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