Re: [sl4] Re: goals of AI... non physical components of mind != soul

From: Pavitra (
Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 22:37:34 MST

Mu In Taiwan wrote:
>> Or if I removed your brain, ground it to a pulp, and then replaced it with
> a computer that had exactly the > same behavior so that nobody could detect
> any change in the behavior of your body, then you mean that > invisible
> thing that is now missing from you?
> Imagine if I created a perfect copy of your physical body, transplanted your
> brain into it, woke you up, then put the afore-mentioned computer into your
> 'old' body. Now, I must grind up one of the bodies. Which will it be?
> As much as I hate Searle, I fear it would be my old body that be getting
> ground up.

Since the new body is a "perfect copy" of the old (not rejuvenated,
enhanced, etc.), the only difference between the two that I see is that
the computer brain can be killed by an EMP. So I'd keep the new body
with the organic brain.

(Biological diseases affect both bodies, as both have organic chasses.
Theoretically some neurotoxins might affect only the new body / old
brain, but I expect to encounter those with less probability than lethal
EM fields.)

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