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From: Bradley Thomas (
Date: Tue Nov 24 2009 - 18:18:26 MST

>Are you proud of your success?

Huh? I had nothing to do with the killing of that thread as far as I am
aware. I was actually at least partially supportive of you on it. It seems
to me that the thread got killed principally because it was going nowhere
and people were getting irritated.

Brad Thomas
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On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 "Bradley Thomas" <> said:

> At some point the decision of the chair needs to be respected

As I've said I will obey the decision, but nothing can make me respect

> It is not about stifling debate

Don't be condescending, of course it's about stifling debate and it was
successful. Are you proud of your success?

> so much as it is about maintaining order.

I would humbly maintain that finding the truth is more important than
maintaining order, but others feel differently and as I say it's not my
list. I will obey but I will not respect, rather I will feel utter contempt
whenever I think of that kill thread, as well as the previous one I received
a few years back.

 John K Clark


  John K Clark
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