Re: [sl4] The Jaguar Supercomputer

From: Matt Paul (
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 19:23:37 MST

Just a thought. It's interesting, the comment about a super AI being
god-like. I feel that humans are god-like currently. Interesting this
idea of a god-like being creating another god-like being, only more
god-like than the original...

Not much point to my saying that. It just struck me as significant.


On Nov 23, 2009, at 6:53 PM, Pavitra <>

> Matt Paul wrote:
>> Ok, this is probably gonna get me banned...
>> I've been following SL4 for a while now. The discussions are
>> certainly intellectually stimulating in a "university" sense, but
>> what
>> I still don't get is what exactly the perceived value of the AI you
>> guys discuss is beyond normal scientific desire to understand. I
>> don't
>> see the practical and prudent value of a machine that acts like a
>> human brain. Fascinating and cool certainly, but I don't see the
>> actual benefits to mankind. I do see many potential problems for
>> mankind though...
>> Rather than flame me for these statements, please answer my question.
>> I honestly am trying to understand the subject better.
> The theory goes like this:
> A human-level intelligence (existing software is too stupid) with
> maintainable source code (existing humans are too messy) will be
> able to
> collaborate with its programmers on further improvements to itself.
> Further improvements beyond "human-level intelligence" necessarily
> results in superhuman intelligence, and the more superhuman the AI
> gets,
> the more it will be able to improve itself in ways that its
> programmers
> couldn't do on their own.
> It starts out as a simple optimizer, perhaps, and then moves up
> through
> the ranks to intern lackey, then a programmer of average-for-a-human
> skill, then a brilliant programmer, then a genius programmer, then a
> programmer capable of feats no human could accomplish, then a
> programmer
> capable of feats no human can _understand_.
> At a certain point, the intelligence is so vastly superhuman as to be
> effectively a god.
> If we're very very careful that we know what we're doing, then that
> god
> will care about making the world a good place for humans to live, and
> will use its godlike intellect to do so.

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