[sl4] Robin Lee Powell's results are not profound

From: John K Clark (johnkclark@fastmail.fm)
Date: Thu Oct 15 2009 - 11:31:25 MDT

> "Robin Lee Powell":

> You asserted that such a mind without a "fixed goal system" was impossible


> JESUS CHRIST! I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT!! I asserted that a mind WITH a "fixed goal system" was impossible.

"Gwern Branwen" <gwern0@gmail.com>

> An obvious typo, as the following paragraph makes clear;

Robin Lee Powell:

> > and yet, 90+% of human parents raise their children
> > without ever getting bored and leaving them to die. Proof by
> > existence: many human minds succeed at this, and without getting
> > into infinite loops.

TYPO MY ASS! Did you even read it? The paragraph makes crystal clear it
this was not a typo. Robin Lee Powell is saying humans don't have fixed
goals and they don't get into infinite loops so that proves I'm wrong
because I supposed to believe that only fixed goal minds work. I think
it proves beyond dispute that quite literally Robin Lee Powell doesen't
know what he's arguing about. I want to emphasize this is not a figure
of speech, Robin Lee Powell literally doesn't know what he's talking
about. Literally! There is simply no other explanation for that

Ok I'm cranky, but after nineteen dozen posts going back and forth, and
then I get this turd, well, I've got to start to wonder who I'm arguing

 John K Clark

somehow, I
> don't think Robin is crediting humanity's success at childrearing to
> humans constantly shifting their goals.
> --
> gwern

  John K Clark
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