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>> I've been reading the recent marathon discussion of constraining robots to
>> be our friends. All I have to add is this: conversation can serve more
>> functions than the defense of two mega-points. The assumption of a
>> bilateral split between "what I'm saying" and "what you're saying" is
>> basically completely erroneous. In buddhism this error is known as getting
>> caught up in "I", which does not in reality exist. In logic, it borders on
>> ad-hominem reasoning, in a slightly varied form, essentially saying "if I
>> can get you on one point, I've got you on all of them." Our American
>> situation with the two parties and how any issue has to have a Party_A
>> response which must be different than the Party_B response has unfortunately
>> trained us all to habitually lump ALL of a person's points into "that
>> person's argument", and hence get caught in devoting too much time to
>> belaboring tiny points, just to have the satisfaction of putting a chink
>> somewhere, anywhere, in their armor.
>> Create good filtering processes, and the rest is gravy.

I read this and I'm still confused. Would you rather have a
three-party system like in Canada, or the UK?

Eric B

One of the points you'll have to grasp quickly in the sl4 forum is that political parties are exactly the sort of thing that would become obsolete overnight in the event of a successful AGI/Singularity. Or an unsuccessful one, if you know what I mean. This is why such discussions get sniped by the moderator. The whole sl4 forum is meant to further ideas about how to make sure the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is Friendly, i.e. that it doesn't do badly by us, even unintentionally. It's an insanely hard problem and some very smart people disagree about the best approach.

Tom Buckner


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