Re: [sl4] I am a Singularitian who does not believe in the Singularity.

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Fri Oct 09 2009 - 05:45:26 MDT

2009/10/8 John K Clark <>:

>> they're [FAI people] suggesting that there can and should be a highest-level
>> goal, and that goal should be chosen by AI designers to maximize human
>> safety and/or happiness. It's unclear whether this is possible
> It's not unclear at all! Turing proved 70 years ago that such a fixed
> goal (axiom) sort of mind is not possible because there is no way to
> stop it from getting stuck in infinite loops.

You obviously have no understanding whatsoever of Turing's work, or
you wouldn't write such nonsense. Go back, read a good summary of his
theorems (it's really not that hard), work through the propositions,
come up with a genuine understanding of what an algorithm can or can't
do, and then we can continue the discussion.

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