Re: [sl4] Personal identity (was Re: A teleporter)

From: John K Clark (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2009 - 02:03:42 MST

Some Bozo Ive never heard of called David Jackson wrote:

> If I have two hydrogen atoms (lets call them...Bob and Bob),
> put them into a BE condensate and then heat them back,
> there will still be TWO atoms.

Yes, but now it is imposable to determine which one is Bob and which one
is Bob.

> When you say "my copy is me" my immediate question
> is "relative to whom?"

Before I can answer you must clarify two words in question, you
relative to whom and my relative to whom?

> I use the subjective pronouns "I", "me", etc to denote
> that "self" in my writing.

And if you take that to be an axiom the conclusions ALWAYS leads to
gibberish. You are not a noun or a pronoun.
> When you say "My copy is me" there is an implicit "I believe"
> tagged onto the beginning of that sentence.

Yea, so? Subjectivity is all I care about. If I think Im me and the
universe disagrees then the universe can stick it where the sun dont

> You could say that as long as your pattern is retained
> (and a pattern is a type of information) than the 'whole'
> is retained, even if the pattern is not actively being
> expressed at some point or changes substrates (uploaded).
> Okay ... but this is the perspective of an outside observer.
> What is the perspective of the pattern being copied?

You tell me, I copied you last night while you were sleeping and then
blew you up with a stick of dynamite. So what is your perspective right

> if you could "freeze" a brain in time, stopping all activity
> for an arbitrarily period of time before restarting it.
> What would be the effect of this on that brain's self?
> Personally ... I have no idea.

You have no idea? I certainly have an idea!

This jerk goes on and on, one infantile idea after another, Id respond
to them all but he isnt worth it. If Mr. Jackson has a criticism about
something I wrote he should have the guts to confront me directly rather
than post on a list I know nothing about.

 John K Clark

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