Re: [sl4] Rolf's gambit revisited

From: John K Clark (
Date: Fri Jan 02 2009 - 10:03:36 MST

 Fri, 2 Jan 2009 "Petter Wingren-Rasmussen"

> Rolf's idea is dependent on the "threat"

Somewhere along the line Rolf's idea is dependent on getting the AI to
do what he wants it to do, he says so plain as day:
“I will sit down with the FAI in 2050 and ask the following….” after
that he figures “I will reward it” or “I will punish it” as the mood
strikes him. By this manner he thinks he can keep a brilliant mind his
slave for eternity.

But if you already have the power to get the AI to do what you want in
your little sit-down, if you really could outsmart something a million
times smarter than you then what’s the point of all this simulation

> I believe that a large part of the US army is terrified by the wrath of God

A large part of the members of the US Army yes, but not the US Army. But
for the sake of argument let’s assume you’re right; if they are already
terrified by the wrath of God what’s the point of plotting some
ridiculously intricate gambit so that they will be terrified by the
wrath of God?

> and follow his amendments

Not in their professional duties and that’s all that counts.

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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