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From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 02:30:22 MST

Well, welcome to our world :-)

I'm not convinced that Crocker's rules are particularly useful
(rephrasing the same idea to make it more polite doesn't lose
anything, can be more convincing to the target, and will often
generate more insights in yourself than a curt dismissal), but it's up
to everyone to choose their approach.

Though I think that "with the added incentive of a small chance of
saving the world" drives Eliezer to despair (I might be spectacularly
wrong); I think he feels that saving the world is much more important
than any considerations, and this is at risk if it's anything but a
primary consideration in our thoughts. I'm trending that way too at
the moment.

Unfortunately, you seem to have joined in a bit of a lull - most of
the arguments have been aired allready, and new ideas aren't being
generated fast enough to keep the list fizzing.

All the best, anyway,


2008/12/7 Warrigal <>:
> Hello, everyone. I go by Warrigal; if that sounds too silly, call me
> Ivan Hope. I'd like to operate under Crocker's Rules.
> I recently stumbled upon (using StumbleUpon) Eliezer Yudkowsky's web
> site, agreed with it (as in all of it, as if I've read the whole
> thing), found that Eurisko did some things I've never seen before,
> read about Eurisko's flaws and figured they would be "easy" to fix,
> and eventually ended up here. I'm a student that likes to read about
> AI in his spare time, with the added incentive of a small chance of
> saving the world.
> --Warrigal

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