[sl4] Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty - conference and book launch (30 Oct,2008, Liverpool)

From: Andy Miah (email@andymiah.net)
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 07:49:24 MDT

Dear Friends,

On 30th October, I launch a new book at FACT (Foundation for Art and
Creative Technology, Liverpool) titled:

Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty.

The launch will involve a day-long conference, followed by a reception.
Come for the day, the evening, or just watch us online. Also that night in
Liverpool is 'the Long Night of the Biennial' an evening of cultural
activities from 8pm-12am. The following day is the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking
Festival, also at FACT.

The book is a major, design-led publication, consisting of 25 Chapters by
artists, bioethicists, sociologists, designers and philosophers. These are
accompanied by 250+ images from leading artists and designers.

I hope you can join us, or can cover it in any publications you work with.
Please let me know if there is any possibility in getting some promotion
through your networks and please feel free to forward this message.

Confirmed speakers include Russell Blackford (Australia), Nigel Cameron
(USA/UK), Linda Candy (UK), etoy.CORPORATION (Switzerland), Ernest Edmonds
(Australia) Steve Fuller (UK), Andy Miah (UK), Fiona Raby (UK), Mike Stubbs
(UK), and Nicola Triscott (UK).

More information about the book and its launch can be found here:

Best wishes,


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Miah, A. (Ed, 2008) Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty
FACT & Liverpool University Press.

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