[sl4] Call for information: Moore's Law

From: Thomas McCabe (pphysics141@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 15:02:23 MDT

Me, Anna Salamon, and Steve Rayhawk are building a computer model of
existential risks and what causes them. Currently, we're looking for
information on what causes Moore's Law-style exponentials in computer
hardware, so we can predict what will happen given conditions
different from those of the past forty years. The current favorite
theories seem to be that 1)., Moore's Law was a self-fulfilling
prophecy because it was used to set industry goals, and 2)., most
technological growth is exponential, because the rate at which
technology improves is proportional to the amount of technology
already in existence. Any links to other theories, or literature on
the subject, would be greatly appreciated.

 - Tom

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