[sl4] Re: Paper: Artificial Intelligence will Kill our Grandchildren

From: Anthony Berglas (anthony@berglas.org)
Date: Wed Jun 18 2008 - 03:28:00 MDT

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At 01:16 PM 14/06/2008, Thomas McCabe wrote:

>You don't explain where the AI gets the motive for world domination.
>See http://intelligence.org/upload/futuresalon.pdf.

Have added a paragraph. One source would be the bureaucrats that
initially control it. It may be spontaneous. But once it arrives it is there.

>"For evolution consumes all that is good and noble in mankind and
>reduces it to base impulses that have simply been found to be
>effective for breeding children."
>All of our impulses were generated by evolution, not just the bad
>ones. Altruism is a result of evolution, just as much as the urge to
>reproduce is.

My initial paragraph was to say that what we consider to be the good
impulses come from Evolution. That is what is sad.

>You're confusing the goals of evolution with the desires of evolved
>organisms. We *know* that it's an evolutionary advantage for everyone
>to not simply pump out kids as fast as possible.

Actually, it is an evolutionary advantage for everyone to pump out
kids as fast as possible. But where pump out means to be able to
rear them to the age where they can breed. Contraception got in the
way, confused goals.

>It isn't really important, but this isn't accurate. The Intel 286
>(introduced 1982) could address 16 MB of RAM and was later clocked up
>to around 25 MHz. These enhancements were, admittedly, expensive and
>unwieldy, so they weren't generally used by the mass market.

Clarified, thanks.

>"The force of evolution is just too strong."
>There is no evolution without reproduction over large numbers of
>successive generations. See

Actually no. Obviously the normal sex based evolution that we
experience does not apply. Bacteria evolve differently, by inter
species sharing of bits of DNA.

The core principle of evolution is simply that those that are
successful at being are successful at being.

Corporations are subject to it, and rise and fall even though the
risers tend to consume the people expelled by the fallers.

Generations are just a result of our bodies having use by dates. If
there are several AIs in a world, then Evolution will select the most
successful at being selected.

(Incidentally, are Bacteria immortal? When they divide, they are
peers, not parent/child. If one of them dies, there is no reason to
call it the parent and the other the child. So in some sense every
bacteria alive to day IS the first one that ever existed, it has just
morphed itself over the eons.)


> - Tom

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