Re: [sl4] Re: Paper: Artificial Intelligence will Kill our Grandchildren

From: Anthony Berglas (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 23:59:40 MDT

Hmm. I think the article is just saying that
just because it is difficult to envision new
technologies etc. does not mean that they will
not happen. Little comment on good or bad -- Throg seemed to be happy enough.

Whatever, it is a clever slant and well worth an
irreverent reference -- thanks.

Also, I thought I had made the point of a
Friendly AI being able to stop other AIs in
theory. I just do not think it is likely for
reasons given. (Does not mean it is not worth trying to do.)

Whether advancing to a higher level of
intelligence is a good thing or not is moral
rather than rational question. But IMHO it
almost certainly means the death of our
grandchildren, which is normally considered undesirable.


(The tone of some other responses on this list does not warrant a reply.)

At 02:22 AM 18/06/2008, GŁnther Greindl wrote:
>>Like it, Added a reference, thanks.
>>>have you read this (is funny):
>>>Is the evolutionary level at which we have arrived really so good?
>I think you got it the wrong way round.
>The article does not mean: humans are worse than
>apes, that is why we should go back to being apes.
>The article humorously describes that apes could not imagine that
>anything better than being an ape were possible (or desirable);
>but, most people today actually don't want to go
>back being an ape (therefor finding Thog's opinion quite misguided).
>The same reasoning goes for people who oppose
>transhumanism: they think that the human
>condition can't be improved - whereas the
>transhuman thinks that possible experiences -
>appreciation of art and beauty, for example -
>will greatly increase with transhumanism; would you not think this desirable?

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