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Date: Sun May 04 2008 - 10:13:10 MDT

su, 2008-05-04 kello 08:00 -0700, John K Clark kirjoitti:
> An agent that discovers new information but refuses to change its goals
> merely (Merely!) because it is a means to an end, that is to say it
> won’t change its goal system even though it now knows the old structure
> won’t work but a new structure will, is about as intelligent as a rock.

Perhaps I could've been more clear, mea culpa; the programming details
of the goal structure could of course be subject to change and
improvement in a rational agent, but only if the system still embodied
the same top-level goals.

This doesn't seem to be what you've actually been talking about,
however, so this is a little sidetrack here. The main point seems to be
your assertion that to qualify as intelligent an agent needs to be
willing and able to act irrationally, given some magic piece of new
information. This ... interesting stance is, in a sad way, reminiscent
of the original Star Trek scriptwriters' handling of Vulcan "logic".

Anyway, this line of discussion has clearly outlived its usefulness.

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