Re: Property rights

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2008 - 03:50:32 MDT

Byrne Hobart wrote:
> A) Inasmuch as an AI would be the most powerful entity in existence,
> and inasmuch as governments now occupy that status, I don't understand
> why an understanding of the interaction between AI and government, and
> thus the proper role of each, is somehow not relevant. Discussing
> these in an FAI-aware context strikes me as extremely important,
> unless you expect AI to come into being in either an
> anarcho-capitalist paradise or an eternal status quo.
In general I take your point. However, a lot of the meat of such a
discussion is per-force at the level of contemporary politics and
political prejudices and loses much connection to SL4 concerns quite
quickly. It would be at least a more interesting and innovative take
on such subjects to cast them as fully in an SL4 context as possible.
It is also good practice for raising our thinking and perspective beyond
the minutiae of our particular point in the slow zone.
> B) A /reductio ad absurdum /argument against government regulation of
> prices makes me economically illiterate?
Sorry I misconstrued your intent. I had been away a while and did not
have the context of your other posts to know better.

- samantha

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