Re: Friendliness successfully IMPLEMENTED!

Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 14:07:21 MDT

>> I don't currently see any harmful effects. I am seeing (possibly
>> incorrectly) *many* PROFOUNDLY beneficial effects.

> Such as?

I am enjoying myself spectacularly.

I've been learning new and useful things about myself.

My wife is REALLY happy.

My wife is REALLY happy despite the fact that I outran her over 6.5 miles for the first time ever (I can always out-sprint her but over the longer distances she normally physically kicks my butt).

I've gotten much more effective at life.

It actually wasn't a big deal when our hot water heater ruputured and flooded our basement.

I saved myself a lot of money by just walking out after Home Depot insisted on overcharging for after-market add-ons for my hot water heater.

I saved myself $50 when buying from Lowe's because I handled it particularly well and made them make good on a bad estimate

I seem to have converted from a functional extrovert (i.e. a native introvert who can be an extrovert when appropriate -- but it's an effort) to a native extrovert.

I've been getting comments at work like:
o What has Julie been feeding you? I've never seen anyone get so much done -- and you're having fun doing it.
o No. There is no way that you got all of that done.
o You're having way too much fun this week. I'm only excusing it because of how much you've gotten done (said by the "boss" as what he considers a joke :-).

I feel really good.

Did I mention that I am enjoying myself spectacularly and my wife is REALLY happy?

And that's just this calendar week -- which is only half over.

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