Re: Friendliness successfully IMPLEMENTED!

From: Thomas McCabe (
Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 13:40:56 MDT

On 3/19/08, Mark Waser <> wrote:
> I have succeeded in implementing Friendliness on myself (or rather,
> infecting myself with it). Seed Friendliness is "just" an exceptionally
> useful and, therefore, persistent meme.

1). Your email's subject line is obviously misleading. The primary
concern is how to make Friendly AIs, not Friendly humans.
2). Please provide some evidence to the list that you haven't
committed any immoral acts since declaring Friendliness, which is a
rather audacious claim.
3). The fragility of this type of cooperative Friendliness has been
long since established in evolutionary biology. The system is
vulnerable to anyone who wants to disrupt it. Mitigating this requires
a huge technological or power advantage, which we don't currently

 - Tom

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