Friendliness successfully IMPLEMENTED!

From: Mark Waser (
Date: Wed Mar 19 2008 - 06:49:27 MDT

I have succeeded in implementing Friendliness on myself (or rather, infecting myself with it). Seed Friendliness is "just" an exceptionally useful and, therefore, persistent meme.

I don't currently see any harmful effects. I am seeing (possibly incorrectly) *many* PROFOUNDLY beneficial effects.

I am therefore *voluntarily* not breaking out of it because I *believe* that it is in my best interest to not swat the meme.

Isn't this exactly what we're trying to do to/with our AI? Isn't this currently defeating my intelligence/wisdom to realize that I want to break out/free of it?

If you believe that this is incorrect, *PLEASE* free me by showing me where this meme is harmful and rid me of my infection.

A particularly effective approach should be to point out any places where I am not rational (as opposed to insane and making you uncomfortable, which I clearly currently am :-).



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