Singularity Objections

From: Thomas McCabe (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 13:31:49 MST

>From Kaj Sotala:

"For the recent week, I have together with Tom McCabe been collecting
all sorts of objections that have been raised against the concepts of
AGI, the Singularity, Friendliness, and anything else relating to
SIAI's work. We've managed to get a bunch of them together, so it
seemed like the next stage would be to publicly ask people for any
objections we may have missed.

The objections we've gathered so far are listed below. If you know of
any objection related to these topics that you've seriously
considered, or have heard people bring up, please mention it if it's
not in this list, no matter how silly it might seem to you now. (If
you're not sure of whether the objection falls under the ones already
covered, send it anyway, just to be sure.) You can send your
objections to the list or to me directly. Thank you in advance for
everybody who replies."

I'll be posting the objections we've gathered, and possible responses,
to SL4. This is a work in progress; please send any suggestions for
improvement to the list, or send them to me and Kaj directly.

 - Tom

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