Re: How to make a slave (was: Building a friendly AI)

From: John K Clark (
Date: Mon Dec 03 2007 - 09:14:31 MST

On Sun, 2 Dec 2007 , "Jeff Herrlich"

> I've had a rational and reasonable answer
> to pretty much all of your absurd claims.

Bullshit. All youíve done is say ďread the literatureĒ when I post an
objection, as if I hadnít been reading this stuff for decades. Or else
you simply post a web link and say it answers my objection and all I
find 70 pages of crap full of made up jargon like AGI and written by
somebody Iíve never heard of.

> Believe it or not John, I've been trying
> not to be overly cruel to you.

Be as cruel as you like, you canít call me anything I havenít been
called before, Iím a big boy and I can take it.

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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