Re: How to make a slave (many replies )

From: Harry Chesley (
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 14:55:58 MST

Jeff Herrlich wrote:
> "I think it's possible that we evolved the way we did because it
> works well, not due to the special circumstances faced by homo
> sapiens, and therefore some elements may repeat in a GAI."
> I have hair on my head, and I have general intelligence. But I don't
> have general intelligence because I have hair on my head. General
> intelligence is not the only adaptive advantage that evolution
> operates on. Things like emotions are not necessary for general
> intelligence, evolution tacked them on to some animals because they
> incidentally happened to have additional value in terms of survival
> and reproduction - like hair on the head.

So you understand the role that emotions play in human intelligence. You
understand the structure of future GAIs. And you know what's necessary
and what's not necessary for general intelligence. I don't understand
any of those things, so rather than taking your word for it, I'll
continue to believe there may be common elements between man and GAI,
possibly including emotions (and maybe not too).

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