Re: How to make a slave (many replies )

From: Christopher Carr (
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 14:53:20 MST

Jeff Herrlich wrote:
> "I think it's possible that we evolved the way we did because it works
> well, not due to the special circumstances faced by homo sapiens, and
> therefore some elements may repeat in a GAI."
> I have hair on my head, and I have general intelligence. But I don't
> have general intelligence because I have hair on my head. General
> intelligence is not the only adaptive advantage that evolution operates
> on. Things like emotions are not necessary for general intelligence,
> evolution tacked them on to some animals because they incidentally
> happened to have additional value in terms of survival and reproduction
> - like hair on the head.

An AGI is likely to be *all the more* alien to human intelligence if
some significant percentage of human psychological mechanisms are
*entirely* sexually selected structures that generate heritable fitness
signaling behaviors (which may in fact be to some degree maladaptive) --
rather than all psych. modules being naturally selected survival mechanisms.

Hello all. New here; Cog. Sci. undergraduate (especially linguistics) at
Portland State University.

-Christopher Carr

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