Re: How to make a slave (was: Building a friendly AI)

Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 21:21:05 MST

On 11/19/07, John K Clark - wrote:
> Roland has some ideas on how to make a slave:

Slave is a word with negative connotations. Of course an OAI would be
a slave in the same sense that a calculator or computer is a slave.

> being you have ever or will ever will meet; Mr. AI will have charisma Up
> the Wahzoo, he will understand your physiology, what makes you tick,
> better than you understand yourself. I estimate it would take the AI
> about 45 seconds to trick or sweet talk you (or me) into doing exactly
> what it wants you (or me) to do.

Why would it want to do so? You are anthropomorphizing the OAI. I
wrote more about this in another email on the other thread, so I'm not
going to rehash it now.

> them to. The idea that a bipedal hominid expects to understand how a
> Jupiter Brain works is downright comical.

Well, this is not a constructive suggestion. You you should either try
to understand, or try to prove that it cannot be done. Giving up
without trying is not a sensible option.


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