Re: What best evidence for fast AI?

From: Алексей Турчин (
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 11:41:03 MST

The only way we can proove that AI is really impossible - is to show that intelligense requiers 'black box' soul.

And it is not a quantuum copmputer, because we can create and understand quantuum copmputers. (But it could be qualias.)

So if any academic said that he don''t belive in AI, it means that he beleives in soul. So we could point him on this alternative and ask to choose.

Alexey Turchin

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From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 06:26:23 -0500
Subject: What best evidence for fast AI?

> I've been invited to write an article for an upcoming special issue of
> IEEE Spectrum on "Singularity", which in this context means
> rapid and large social change from human-level or higher artificial
> intelligence. I may be among the most enthusiastic authors in
> that issue, but even I am somewhat skeptical. Specifically,
> after ten years as an AI researcher, my inclination has been to see
> progress as very slow toward an explicitly-coded AI, and so to guess that
> the whole brain emulation approach would succeed first if, as it seems,
> that approach becomes feasible within the next century.
> But I want to try to make sure I've heard the best arguments on the other
> side, and my impression was that many people here expect more rapid AI
> progress. So I am here to ask: where are the best analyses
> arguing the case for rapid (non-emulation) AI progress? I am
> less interested in the arguments that convince you personally than
> arguments that can or should convince a wide academic audience.
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Посетите мой Живой Журнал - и узнайте то, что я думаю прямо сейчас - и ещё то, что хотел сказать вам, но не успел :)

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