Re: Nonsingularitarian America and us

From: Panu Horsmalahti (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2007 - 04:20:42 MDT

2007/8/16, Dagon Gmail <>:
> Please do me one favor -
> There IS no rise of Islam in Europe. I live with my nose pressed flat on
> the
> entire topic and there are a few muslims living here and there in
> Europe, getting
> richer real fast, especially here in the netherlands and the UK.

"As Europeans under-reproduce, Muslims reproduce and do so in large numbers
while young. Some 5 percent of the EU population or nearly 20 million
persons presently [2003] identify themselves as Muslims. Should current
trends continue, that number will reach 10 percent by 2020."

I live in Europe too. However, I do not base my beliefs in superstition, but

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