Re: Simulation argument in the NY Times

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 11:57:55 MDT

So let's assume this simulation argument has merits - it should have
some kind of functionality, right? I mean it wouldn't be just a lava
lamp, it would grant the superuser some kind of experiential, hand-on
benefit. Well, as our world is made up of power differences my bet is,
if such a superuser exists, it would be something with power
differences. After all we live in an unprecedented time in history,
just years away from a unique event, with stuff heating up all around
us. In fact it would be credible the sim started up somewhere 1
january 2000-ish, looking at the facts, since so many things happened
after that. We would think we had a life before 2000 but hey, we
don't. Plus anything that happened before 2000... doesn't it all feel
kinda sedate?

The superuser who had all this benefit from the simulation would be
someone having the best opportunities to push buttons, ie. exert user
privilege. Call it executive user privilege. But as we all know,
playing games we tend to muck about a bit, on god-mode, goof around
and try the parameters a little before getting really into it. Maybe
even try to run the sim into the ground a little. Borderline

Now can we think of someone high up who is sufficiently unaccountable,
who came into his position of power in a way which feels strikingly at
odds with the level of power he exerts? Miraculous even? Someone who
doesn't seem to take his job all that serious and acts kinda
callously, bordering on total disregard for anyone around, as if they
are all meat puppets? Someone who has a uniquely central role in the
sim and can do pretty much as he pleases ?

Hmmm... are there any such decider slash commander guys around?
Someone who became real prominent just after booting this sim with a
timecode >2000?

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