Re: Continuing Evolution in Humans (was: A very surreal day)

From: Daniel (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 08:49:39 MDT

I was postulating for the future :D Who would be the first people to
Upload/Interact? However I do like you've rephrased it. Not getting into
definitions of AI's/Neural Networks and Expert Systems...

The Darpa Challenge are using a form of AI to navigate across the
desert. No doubt there are systems in place which predict market
fluctuations, FRU's etc but, in answer to your question.

If I were an "aware", independent, AI right now I'd be hiding and observing
humanity to determine what's happening globally. I would then analyze the
massive amount of data available to better ascertain what I am dealing with
(humans) and then decide whether to interact with humanity.

It would also conclude that reality TV Shows are a subliminal form of
torture and decide that everyone on this list should win the lottery,

On 8/14/07, Byrne Hobart <> wrote:
> Unfortunately Tim you know as well as I do this is the way the world
> > works. I wish I was wrong. The first space travellers will be the wealthy
> > (ref. air travel), most likely they will also be the first to have any
> > significant interaction with future AI (after the scientists who designed
> > them). If "Uploading" were to become feasible in our lifetimes, I doubt I'd
> > be anywhere near the foodchain as there would be a queue of billionaires
> > ahead of me. It reminds me that in the event of a nuclear war who would be
> > the people in the safest environment? I wonder if "Uploading" or
> > interaction with a vastly superior intelligence were available today who
> > would be really be interacting/uploading?
> >
> Our interactions will be mediated by the market. Think about a factory
> worker in Haiti: he spends twelve hours a day stitching together baseballs,
> even though he may be completely ignorant of the rules of the sport, the
> people who play it, and the cultural and economic institutions necessary for
> Americans to have enough leisure time and disposable income to pay someone
> else to handle such boring chores.
> If there is an AI right now, for all you and I know it's doing credit
> market arbitrage or something, and collectively changing the behavior of
> millions of people by minuscule amounts. If you make it greedy but
> noncoercive, it's probably going to do something like that (and if it's
> benevolent, it might still know that the best way to do good is to sling
> around billions of dollars).
> I don't think there's an answer to your last question, but I can think of
> a useful way to rephrase it: Assume there's an AI right now; where is it
> hiding, and who knows it's there?

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