Re: Continuing Evolution in Humans (was: A very surreal day)

From: Tim Freeman (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2007 - 23:28:33 MDT

Hmm, it seems I mangled my post. Sometimes emacs hides things. Trying again:

From: "Byrne Hobart" <>
>No. Once AIs take off, IQ will be a measure of how closely you can relate to
>the most powerful entities in your society. It's going to be something akin
>to living in the Third World and speaking fluent English.

Define the "dropoff" to be the rate at which reduced IQ leads to
reduced fitness in the environment we're talking about.

Do you have any insight into how to influence the sharpness of the
dropoff? If the one or two or ten people who can best interact with
the AI get everything, and everyone else gets nothing, then the vast
majority of everybody loses, and specifically I will very likely lose.

If we have a choice, I hope we'll get to a situation where the dropoff
is gentle or nonexistent, and intelligence matters very little.
Otherwise I can't be sure I'll be on the correct side of the dividing

Tim Freeman      

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