META: List Standards

From: Tom McCabe (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 12:25:52 MDT

I am not a Duly Appointed List Sniper, but I would
like to remind anyone new or unfamiliar with the list
of SL4's standards. To recap:

- From An Introduction to SL4
( "It is the explicit
policy of this list not to rehash the basics. SL4 is
for advanced topics in futurism and technology. If
we've discussed it once before, or if it's something
we think posters should already know, you may be
courteously referred to the archives, or to another

- Discussion of present-day politics is not SL4.
Discussion of how politics is likely to affect SL4
technologies may be SL4, but such discussions have an
annoying tendency to degenerate into Blue vs. Green

- If you have a conspiracy theory as to how The
Man/the Bilderbergers/the Trilateral
Commission/whoever are plotting against the
transhumanist movement, please provide evidence. This
is not a list for MIB crackpottery.

 - Tom

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