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At 07:13 PM 5/20/2007, Tyler wrote:
>SIAI is making a big push right now to get our new video on the front
>page of Digg Videos. Doing so will ensure the video is seen by
>thousands of new people.
>Please Digg the following as soon as you get this email:

Very nicely done. One question: Why do you have a picture of Max
with his leg/foot up in the middle of this clip? Max's articulation
and intelligence far exceeds his foot. I would be much better clip
if you cut his foot out and added his distinct ideas and voice.


>In order to maximize exposure, we need 200 people click "Digg it"
>within the initial few hours of submitting the video, which was
>submitted at 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern. Please be one of the 200 we
>Please also consider adding a positive comment about SIAI at the Digg URL.
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