Re: Existential Risk and Fermi's Paradox

From: Olie Lamb (
Date: Sun Apr 22 2007 - 07:47:09 MDT

Just on the original comment:

On 4/16/07, kevin.osborne <> wrote:
> recipe for: a little future shock moment.
> proposition: take the Anissimov/Yudkowsky view on the seriousness of
> Friendly A.I and other existential risks as a given.
> empirical observation: as per Fermi. the aether is silent and
> lifeless. all other intelligent species on all other near-space
> life-supporting worlds have failed to reach uplift.
> theory: the galaxy is dead and void. existential risk has proven
> lethal and/or progress-suppressive in all prior cases.
> prediction: our chances of reaching/surpassing/outliving the
> Singularity are negligible -> nil.

Yes, but the emptiness observed is also a pretty good indication that
there's no big consumpive/expansionist ("hegemonising") intelligence out
there; at least there's no observable evidence that societies that build
AGIs are likely to end up with a paperclipper.

-- Olie

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