SIAI Spring 2007 Update

From: Tyler Emerson (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2007 - 09:43:34 MDT

SIAI Spring 2007 Update

In the coming decades, humanity will likely create a powerful artificial
intelligence. The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI)
exists to confront this urgent challenge, both the opportunity and the risk.

Ray Kurzweil Joins Board of Directors

SIAI Announces $400,000 Matching Challenge

SIAI Creates R&D Program

SIAI Proposes Research Grant Program

Singularity Summit at Stanford Media Now Online

SIAI Announces Partner Network to Build Influential Network of Contributors

Dr. Ben Goertzel Joins as Director of Research

Bruce Klein Joins as Director of Outreach

Neil Jacobstein and Dr. Barney Pell Join Board of Advisors

SIAI Interview Series: Peter Thiel, Founder, Clarium Capital, Co-Founder,

SIAI Interview Series: Dr. Barney Pell, Founder & CEO, Powerset

New Publication: Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor
in Global Risk

New Publication: Cognitive Biases Potentially Affecting Judgment of Global

SIAI Employment Opportunities

SIAI Volunteer Opportunities

Featured Partner: Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University

Featured Link: Ben Goertzel and Bruce Klein Join SIAI

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