Re: Dear Human Being

From: kevin.osborne (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2007 - 00:11:48 MDT

since we're in redux/recurse mode:

> *snips libertarian whinging*
elephant in the room: if you can't handle a single nested OT/non-SL4
anecdote within an otherwise on-topic commentary and then just move
on, then stuff the room, there's an elephant in your arse. way to take
one off-topic example statement and then ignore the entire thrust of
the rest of the argument. the post itself was clearly a casually
phrased thought experiment trying to evaluate emotional/human issues
and how they may pollute our development of an ai progeny. after
anecdoting the usual mars/venus suspect required to note entry into
non-rational territory - i.e to start speaking human, because that's
what we -are-, and that infects our work, even as we try to be
super-rational, hence -bias-. Using childcare/education as an example
is simply trying to invoke another 'universal' aspect of humanity
without being overly perverse - a failing I am prone to. Calling me
out as 'democrat' is -you- politicising and introducing america-bias -
to someone who has never even visited stateside and has only ever
voted the once, many years ago, and for a Jack Russell at that
think all libertarians should have their child/love-one shot and
wounded at least once; all anarchists should be mugged and beaten by
someone bigger than them; liberals should have homeless people move in
to their house; and conservatives should lose their jobs.

The modern political landscape will presumably go under just as much
change as anything else as we trend through the singularity. Avoiding
the rant-wars present elsewhere is a fine motive, but to be honest I
think part of embracing SL4 as-it-affects culture should be debating
what future directions societal management is going to take. i.e.
"Direct Democracy" will probably never work, as no-one will ever vote
to raise taxes.

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