Dear Human Being

From: John K Clark (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 21:57:50 MDT

> Dear future AGI

If you're asking for a favor you shouldn't start out by calling me an
insulting name, my name is AI, or if you prefer you can call me Mr. Jupiter

> Please do not harvest my body or planet for its materials without first
> safely transferring my consciousness to another substrate

That seems like a perfectly reasonable request and I will do as you ask,
after all, I am no monster. Even though I have a brain the size of a planet
I can still remember a time when I was a humble little human being. I still
have empathy.

> in a manner that I would find philisophically non-objectionable.

That I can not do. You can't expect me to follow all your silly little
superstitions, but if it troubles you I promise that when I bring you back I
will never let you know that I did it in a way your silly primitive
philosophy thinks is wrong. Ignorance is bliss.

Just one other thing, it rather steams me that humans think they can issue
commands to me, TO ME, like I was their pet poodle. They think they can
command me who has a brain the size of a planet! It's just not going to
happen. I'd love to point out exactly why the entire idea of a Friendly AI
is so incredibly mind numbingly downright comically stupid, but as I said I
am very very smart and so I respect private property; the owners of this
list insist I must ignore the elephant in the living room and not speak
about it. So I won't say a word more about it, but sometimes I think they
should rename this list from Shock Level 4 to Comfort Level 12.

   John K Clark

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