Re: Singularitarian Principles

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 11:34:33 MDT

What you are saying, in tangible terms, is - would you commit crimes,
acts or extreme acts of manipulation to create a desireable singularitarian
event? Even if democratic institutions in the world are working to oppose
singularity (as they understand it)....

The answer is ofcourse yes, even if you get judged and sentenced. And yes
it is almost a religious leap into the unknown. The only consolation is that
we as
humans are extremely limited and fallible creatures and we can only do our
best to act in accordance to our judgement and conscience.

I know islamic radicals do *exactly* the same but I cannot answer any

On 3/19/07, Joshua Fox <> wrote:
> How should we respond to future cases where Singularitarian ends truly
> justify extreme means? This is a basic moral dilemma of all ideologies,
> especially those which claim to offer absolute welfare to humanity.
> Eliezer's Singularitarian Principles discuss moral issues, but they don't
> address hypothetical future cases where transcendent human welfare and the
> prevention of total destruction (near-)provably require great, though
> relatively lesser, harm.
> Joshua
> P.S. Standard apology: If this has been discussed, please point me to the
> URL; I have sought and not found.

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