Re: the end of fermi's paradox?

From: Sampo Syreeni (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2007 - 01:31:39 MST

On 2007-01-04, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

> A solar system's resources are finite and at some point, it's going to
> make sense to throw out that one little probe - unless you're
> suggesting that their discount rate is high enough to provoke literal
> suicide because they'd rather think one last thought today.

Also, one's subjective discount rate is different from the market rate.
The latter is also heavily dependent on the supply of credit, and other
means of intertemporal exchange. It's going to shoot sky high in a
situation like this, and could easily incentivize some of the fast folks
to go into slow motion.

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