a2i2 Looking for Entry-Level AI Psychologist

From: Peter Voss (peter@optimal.org)
Date: Wed Oct 25 2006 - 19:37:49 MDT

Adaptive A.I. Inc is looking for Entry-Level AI Psychologist


As all of our current staff members are now quite experienced and highly
productive, we are again looking to fill a (Los Angeles based) entry-level


We want someone smart, and highly motivated to work on AGI. Attitude and
work ethics are more important than deep technical skills.


For more details see: http://adaptiveai.com/company/opportunities.htm At
this stage the work will entail quite a bit of system training and testing.


Because we are expecting rapid expansion of our project and team over the
few 2 years, this position provides excellent scope for advancement.


Our project has definite commercial objectives, and we offer competitive
compensation in addition to the option of equity participation in our


Please pass this on to anyone who might fit the bill.







PS. We are also still looking for a highly experienced programmer, as well
as two managers (see opportunities)

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