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Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 08:34:54 MDT

Are you asking if a higher order being should treat humans as humans treat lower species?
  Natural Selection is the most benign universal morality. It has indiscriminately destroyed more than 95% of all species which have ever existed.
  Are you assuming there must be some other sort of benign universal morality?
  The highest morality must be survival. Everything else is bullshit. Without survival there is nothing to argue about because there is no one to argue with.
  I can not predict what a higher order being would do, or what its relative morality should be with the exception to self preservation. If humans became the equivalent of ants over running someones backyard what would you expect of the homeowners?
  It's not an easy question to ponder. Neither are some of my conclusions -- that we as a species will have little to no control over our future and will become either obsolete or extinct or both.
  Most of the combined intelligence in the world is driving us toward extinction. We will be extremely fortunate if we can develop a benevolent god to control our species -- fortunate enough to become slaves to a benevolent master who culls those which disagree with the program. I do not wish to be anyone's slave -- benevolent or otherwise. Transhumanism seems to be a much better option for transcendence.

Stephen Tattum <> wrote:
  Is Climate change an SL4 issue?
Would a FAI perhaps be the best way for the human race to avoid
destroying our own planet?
For example say someone programmed an AI whose morality was grounded on
environmental concerns - even an emotional love for Gaia. Would this
mean that people would be despised and eventually culled to protect the
earth - or as part of the whole system, just a part that leads to too
much dangerous rapid change - would our population be controlled - would
it need to be?
Is it even perhaps the case that without a FAI helping us humans,
seeing the bigger picture and being able to organise and arrange things
accordingly, we are doomed. Is FAI possibly the only way to save the
world and our species?

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