From: ps udoname (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2006 - 06:00:57 MDT

On 29/09/06, Russell Wallace <> wrote:

The idea that it's possible to brute force UFAI with mere computation is a
> category error, akin to the idea that you can levitate heavy objects merely
> by willing it to happen really hard.

Well, not completely brute force obviously, but it would require a far
higher brute force/programming ratio.

Finally, does everyone here agree with collective volition as oppsed to
> > individual volition?
> >
> Absolutely not.

Good. But then, can we all come to agreement on CEV/IEV? Who makes the
decision in the end? Democratic vote of everyone on this list? Decision made
by whoever makes the greatest donation? By whoever writes the most code? Or
just by Eliezer because he owns this list?

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