Uploads vs AI

From: Robin Hanson (rhanson@gmu.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 17:17:44 MDT

At 06:14 PM 9/10/2006, Michael LaTorra wrote:
>Of course, the consensus here about AI (and UFAI) coming sooner than
>uploading is not the universal consensus among transhumanist. Robin Hanson
>believes the opposite to be more likely. See his paper "If Uploads Come
>First" [ http://hanson.gmu.edu/uploads.html ] for his reasoning and the
>economic implications of uploads.

There is an obvious selection effect working here - those who see AI as
being easier are more likely to see it as coming sooner, coming more
suddenly, and all else equal being more powerful and important.

The most interesting related question is whether folks here correct
enough for this selection effect.

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