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Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 16:14:29 MDT

Of course, the consensus here about AI (and UFAI) coming sooner than
uploading is not the universal consensus among transhumanist. Robin Hanson
believes the opposite to be more likely. See his paper "If Uploads Come
First" [ ] for his reasoning and the
economic implications of uploads.

Michael LaTorra

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> >Uploading brains doesn't seem to be a popular suggestion on this list
> >either, since their reasoning goes that humans are not the stablest
> >and sanest mentalities you can get, and would probably become
> >unfriendly in an upload.
> Also, the consensus here is that uploading requires more advanced
> tech and
> science than making a UFAI, so we are unlikely to get uploading
> before UFAI
> (specifically, precursors to the tech required for uploading [through any
> probable path to uploading] can probably make UFAI). Also, a
> larger budget
> is a bigger advantage in uploading than in FAI, so we have a larger
> disadvantage vs competitors on that front.

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