Re: META: To SL4's readership

From: Russell Wallace (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 00:52:40 MDT

On 8/31/06, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <> wrote:
> This list is, in the end, a party held in my living room. I surely
> don't ask you to be grateful for that, or respect me for it, and Heaven
> forbid that I should ask you to bow before me; but from time to time, I
> might kick someone out of my living room. That's life. (Not death.)

Lest it be interpreted otherwise, I in no way disagree with this; as a
libertarian, I hold strong views on the rights of property owners.

I took the trouble to write a longer reply a little while ago, slightly
because I think Richard Loosemore's views might be of value (I still think
that, but he can easily post them elsewhere, so that's not worth getting
worked up about)...

But because self-deception in any form is so lethal to any progress in AGI,
I felt it was necessary to reply to it. Ben Goertzel, by being wise (not
"Wise", please note) seems to have somehow avoided it thus far, and has the
only actual publicly known AGI project that seems to be headed in the right
compass direction. I didn't avoid it; I walked the Pattern, to use a
literary reference, came out the other end. Other people have avoided it or
got out of it by various means.

If you and the SIAI in general were devoting your full resources to a pure
blind alley, then I probably wouldn't trouble to post so much.

The fact that you are devoting your full donated resources to that precise
pressure point that, as far as I can see, gives you the maximum probability
of exterminating sentient life... that is why I still fret. And why I still
attempt to point out lines of the truth whenever it comes up without
repeating myself. No offense intended - I know, obviously my post is
offensive anyway, but please understand that it's not gratuitous. Think
about how you'd react in my position.

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