Re: Conscious of the parts

From: John K Clark (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 09:08:55 MDT

"Ricardo Barreira" <>

> How do you even know the AI will want any control at all?

If the AI exists it must prefer existence to non existence, and after that
it is a short step, a very short step, to what Nietzsche called "the will to

> Tennessee's point is that a powerful AI doesn't strictly imply a
> singularity.

Yes that was his point, a point I believe is ridiculous.

> I challenge you to prove otherwise

Prove? This isn't high school geometry, I can't prove anything about a
intelligence far far greater than my own; about the only thing I can say
about it is that it's a good bet it won't act like a fool. Eliezer thinks
this mega genius will behave like a jackass and place our well being above
it's own. I think that is unlikely.

   John K Clark

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