Re: list sniping opinions

From: justin corwin (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 14:07:38 MDT

On 8/25/06, Chris Capel <> wrote:
> My vote on the list sniping level? Mu. I think the best option is to
> have ten lists (or better, blogs,) with different moderators who
> moderate to level 10, to their own tastes, and people collectively
> pick which list to participate in. Forking in open source projects is
> bad, and bad in communities whose goal is some sort of collective
> action. Forking is very good in communities whose goal is productive
> discussion, for a wide variety of subtle reasons.

What would be an example of a community that forked to good effect?
Did the membership grow or fracture with that transition? And are
there different kinds of communities that require different handling?

Justin Corwin

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