Re: KILLTHREAD: Violating the Laws of Physics?

From: Elihu Herskovics (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 12:27:43 MDT

J. Andrew Rogers <> wrote:
> There is no need to discuss crackpot nuttery on the SL4 list. Dozens
> of claims of this type are made every year such that you could pretty
> much make a template of it.

They aren't asking you to belive they've broken the laws of thermodynamics,
they're asking you to explain why the devices they've built experimentally
seem to produce energy from nowhere. As the creators themselves said "We're
a technology company, not Physicists. We've shown that it can work. It
will be up to the the Physicists to tell us *how* it works." Assuming a
well established company isn't putting it's reputation on the line for a
simple hoax (possible, but unlikely), I figure it'll be determined that the
energy isn't being created but being derived from a previously untappable
source (zero point energy?), which would still be a discovery of serious
As to it's significance to the singularity, while this is highly
speculative, if something like the absurdly large zero point energy of a
vacuume could effectively be tapped, it'd mean that once a singularity based
intelegence goes about it's supposed task of turning all matter into
computers it'd have a way more to work with.

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