Re: A study comparing 150 IQ+ persons to 180 IQ+ persons

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Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 00:05:15 MDT

IQ tests are designed to measure some parameters related to abstract
problem solving skills in spatial and logic reasoning. They are not
designed to capture the full range of parameters that correlate to
practical achievement. I think one definitely needs a sufficiently
high IQ to achieve something in the real world, but over that treshold
what is frequently described as "emotional intelligence" counts much
more than a few IQ points. I guess this is more or less the same thing
Michael is saying.
Neal Stephenson's writes about this in The Diamond Age (Hackworth's
thoughts). You need a high IQ but what you make with it depends on

On 8/22/06, Michael Anissimov <> wrote:

> What to make of this? I'm not entirely certain, except to say that
> there is probably a point of diminishing returns with respect to
> intelligence in humans, after which other factors such as social
> skills, self-control, emotional stability, etc. begin to dominate over
> the effects of IQ.
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